Categoría: Ficción
Duracion: 4 min
Dirección: Roberto Ospina
Co-Production: Locomotora Productora Audiovisual + Latinfilmakers
Actuación: Sandra Maria Fernandez Posada, Carlos Alberto Montañez
Producción: Laura Cano, Marcela Cano
Fotografía: Juan David Marquez
Camara: Fernando Puerta
Gaffer: Mauricio Henao
Electrico: Yessid Patiño
Dollie Grip: Gustavo Londoño
Making off: Camilo Shangri Ramirez
Sonido Directo: Daniel Zapata
Script: Nataly Florez
Edición: Amadeo Chaves
Graficación: Michael Gonzalez
Sounido & Follie: Lexx

Paranoia tells the terrifying story of a young Martina accountant who works in a government building for which a given day breaks your routine when receiving anonymous messages that will test his courage and determination in fighting against their more hidden psychic fragility and get rid of his pursuer above their own fears.
A classic suspense plot with visual tensions that replace dialogue that allows us to investigate the human condition and our ability to achieve unimaginable limits of love, hatred and despair.


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